Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Natchez and Rowdy Commission

Here is a recent commissioned painting of Natchez and Rowdy, two sweet dog souls. Below is a paragraph from Tara, their dog mama. Along with the fun of creating this piece it was a pleasure to get to know Tara over the course of creating this painting. I found out she is a polymer clay kindred and a talented coach, with a positive outlook on life and doing what you love.

Here's what Tara says about her painting. "What a joy to own a Carrie Tasman original—and it’s a portrait of our beloved “boys,” Rowdy (left) and Natchez! We’ve admired Carrie’s work for years and our fridge is decorated with her postcards to prove it. Carrie has such a special way of expressing emotion, from her deliciously wonky perspective, to her luscious palette, to her gift for seeing into a creature's heart and putting their (and her) soul on the canvas. We are over the moon with gratitude and joy to see this unique work of art in our home every day."

About Tara: Rowdy and Natchez are the fur kids of Tara Rodden and W. Douglas Robinson. Tara is a professional coach, mosaic artist, and writer; she specializes in work productivity and helping people do more of what they love. Her husband, W. Douglas Robinson, is a professor at Oregon State University where he studies birds and teaches classes on wildlife ecology and avian conservation.

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Tara Rodden Robinson said...

Thanks, Carrie! It was a joy to work with you!!!

Lotsa love,