Monday, December 10, 2007

Stormy Weather Art

Winter is here in Oregon, and it has arrived with some very powerful storms. My thoughts and prayers to all the folks in western oregon and washington who have been affected by these events. These renditions of weather-related events are of the milder, enjoyable variety.

I created several 12x16 paintings for the annual Stormy Weather Art show at Dragonfire, my gallery in Cannon Beach. Six in all, three have sold ("First Frost" , "Weathering a Storm", and "Red Sky" pictured here, are still available, please contact

I have found I enjoy working in this smaller format, I can explore ideas quickly, and if I want to pursue a larger canvas, I can do that, and have worked through many issues that don't come up in my sketchbook. I have gotten into the habit of working large and singularly, so this is a helpful problem for me as an artist to create a series. It stretches me creatively, making the paintings relate to one another, while being complete paintings on their own.
I have a few larger paintings at Dragonfire, it you get a chance and are in the Cannon Beach, Oregon neighborhood, be sure to stop by.