Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gratitude - Remembering my very first commission

Barbara's painting.
This morning I found a deck of cards I created myself years ago, I guess similar to "angel cards", I thought of them as messages from my smartest self, or my future self that knows more than me know, my intention was to use them when I felt stuck, as happens every now and then to us all. They all have a title and an inspirational explanation, with examples from my life and with people that I know that have inspired, mentored, or encouraged me. Leafing through them I was amazed at my insight and wisdom at the time, each card a distillation of a quality that I wanted to emulate or bring into my life. One card I came across was called "Art Lover" and on it was a photo of Barbara, the very first person who commissioned a custom painting from me. At that time she was an interior designer in San Francisco area, and I was honored that she had actually commissioned a painting from Moi (she got chops)! but the photo of her says it all, she is a sweet person, reminding me that like-minded folks are attracted to me and my work, and to trust in that. It's been 13 years since I painted her piece (and 100s of commissions and paintings later)...just seeing her face, and reading the card brought me such gratitude for all the success I've enjoyed over the years. Thank you Barbara for believing in me and giving me a boost along my journey!
Card Title: Art Lover "Supporter of Beauty. Woman of High Regard.
The perfect people and events will arise to meet me as I follow my path."
Here is a photo of some of the cards I created. You can create your own inspirational deck of cards, start collecting a stack of photos (or a folder on your computer) and think about the people, places, idea that inspire you! Glue stick, sharpie, away you go.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dog + Pretty Textiles = SATISFACTION!

We have taken to calling Chamois our "Wander-dog" because she has recently decided it's a great idea to go on walk-a-bout. In our neighborhood where plots are in acres, and there are no fences, just woods, this can mean a long way off. She is 13 years old, has two bad knees and a wobbly hind end...maybe she's decided, "to heck with all of these rules, I'm heading out"...because when I find her she is a happy dog, catching up on the "neighborhood" doggie newspaper. But now that I'm on to her wily ways, no more Mrs. Nice Guy from me, she's either going on her lead or staying on the deck, unless I'm specifically watching her.

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