Thursday, January 11, 2007


We have had about a half foot of snow up here on our hill in Oregon. This is our second snowstorm this winter...we usually get one in february, often none. My studio is downstairs and I get great light from the bank of windows on the side. A perfect time to hunker down in the studio and paint, paint, paint.

I just finished a group of dog commissions, here are two, five completed, ten more to do. My wintertime is full of dogs and cats to paint. I love hearing the stories and meeting them if I get the chance. People always think that I am just being polite when I ask more questions about their animals and how they are dear to them. Honestly, I am sincerely interested, and love hearing the tales, long and short. Not only to they provide fuel for the paintings, anyone who has had a dog or a cat know how many endless hours of entertainment and joy they add to our life.

Also I am starting on some small pieces for my show coming up in Ketchum, Idaho. I will be the featured artist for a month from Feb 16th to March 16th at the gallery "Tails West".

Lots to do...better git back to work!