Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Dog for All Seasons

The Fiberglass Dog is Completed!

What fun to paint in 3-d!
I delivered the finished and sealed fiberglass dog to Lyn and Terry Thursday evening. They were delighted with it and have it at thier "Fortunate Dog" cookie booth at the Portland Cash and Carry Show this weekend in Portland, Oregon. They have raised a lot of $$ for the Ketchum Shelter over the last few years with the painted Labrador project. I admire them both very much for all their great ideas and commitment to helping our furry friends.

This is the daybreak, summer side. The sun is coming up on a beautiful day in Sun Valley, the dog is looking out the window longingly, ready for an adventure. Maybe kayaking? Definitely, something in water!

This close up is the view on top, which shows the transition into night, on the other side.

This is the winter, nigthtime side. After a fun day of skiing, "Burt" is cosied up on his favorite red chair, getting ready for tomorrow, tennis balls at the ready on the table in case he needs to play a bit, painting of the tropics on the wall to remind him that winter doesn't last forever.

The dog will be displayed either at Lyn and Terry's gallery, Tails West, in downtown Ketchum, Idaho, or at one of the sponsoring businesses throughout town. It is for sale, all proceeds go to the Wood River Animal Shelter.

I miss my painted dog, already...but not to fear! There are more dog forms available, and if I want to paint one for myself, I can. Which also means if you would like me to paint a dog for you or your business, with your special images and/or mementos upon it, that is also possible. You can contact me at, or Lyn or Terry at with inquiries or questions!Getting Burt into the van to drive to Portland. My two mutts want to go too, of course.