Friday, April 24, 2009

Planting Time!!!!!!!

Yeah!!! It's Springtime!!!!

Here is the end of the picnic table I use for my pot planting area!

This weekend I planted all of my hanging baskets

then I planted violas and pansies in my blue and white pots.

I LOVE blue and white pottery,
and blue and white pottery appears in my paintings often....
I usually make up the design, I always think I'm going
to copy some beautiful pattern, but when the brush hits the canvas,
I seem to want to head down a brand new trail.

Chamois is helping in between chewing on a bone,
and keeping Tully away from her bone,
even though he has his own bone to chews on.

Some of my blue and white indoor pots with succulents!
Succulents, another obsession!