Thursday, February 22, 2007

Order Cards of my Art!

I am pleased to announce the availability of cards of some my paintings. Easy to order and sent right to you! Zazzle produces cards, tshirts, mugs, prints, all that...for now I will have cards of some old favorites featuring colorful, whimsical paintings of dogs and cats. I will post new cards as I create new art. You can get to my Zazzle Gallery by clicking on any image below or from my website by clicking on the Buy a Card link in the navigation bar!

Here is the Zazzle flash screen.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Solo Show in Sun Valley, Idaho

Since my work isn't quite ready to show, I will post some photos of one of my favorite subjects, my yellow lab, Chamois (pronounced Shammie). Here she is looking beautiful in our last snowstorm which had me studio-bound for almost a week.

If you've never made the trip up to Sun Valley, Idaho, here is an excuse! Come to my show opening on Feb 16th at the Tails West Gallery in Ketchum. Besides the usual arty opening type goodies, I am inviting each visitor to bring a good photo of your dog(s) or cat(s) and I will select one lucky "subject" who will be featured in a fun, cosy, colorful painting. The painting will be unveiled at the gallery in August....and then, you will have another excuse to visit Ketchum in the summer!!! when it is almost impossibly beautiful there. Come by, and see the show, and don't forget to include your contact info with your photo.

More Chamois photos! She might even be considered my muse...if she wasn't such a dope and didn't snore quite so loudly. I don't know, do muses snore? Well, if nothing else, she is a-musing! (sorry) She is quite the picture of refinement, unless you get her near water, or near a ball. Then she becomes psycho dog.

Now I just have to decide which paintings I can finish up in the next week. Commissions are on hold, and I am busy, mixing colors and enjoying the process of putting paint to canvas and seeing my ideas come to life!