Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It has been a dream for me to go to Paris for years, I had my reasons, I thought, but it didn't become clear to me until I actually went. I even have an french psuedo name, given to me by my friend Marcy, named Genvieve. Well, we found out St. Genvieve is the patron saint of Paris. So I had to go!

And so we did! We actually ended up staying in St. Genvieve's old stomping grounds, where a church and abbey were built around her tomb. This was right up the hill from where we stayed at Residence Henri IV (5*s) ...past a few artful bakeries, vitners, frommageries, markets, and other wonderful shops.

Every artist should visit Paris at least once. Just to see a favorite painting in person is worth the trip (me looking at a Bonnard I've had on my bulletin board for years, can you see it in the photo?). It seems the entire city of Paris is a monument to creativity.

I know from experience that being a painter isn't just about the craft, that's an important part, but there is so much more. A creative life is every day all day. This is no burden, it is a supreme joy. Parisians have made enjoying life into a fine art form, to be savored, thoroughly delighted in, paid attention to. Every evening there was be a line at the bakery for the dinner baquettes, everyone would have a bag from the market, today's dinner, and the flower shop stayed open late, in case you needed some flowers that night. This experience has inspired me to a whole new level of appreciation and enjoyment in my life.

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