Wednesday, April 09, 2008

ACEO Format

I wrote in my previous blog that I am painting in miniature format, and selling these little paintings on ebay at a steal. The Art Cards and Editions format is 3.5 x 2.5 inches! Very tiny. The painting is created with premium quality acrylic paints on Strathmore 246lb paper made especially for acrylic paints and protected with a satin varnish. There is a clear border around the edges for ease of framing. I thought I would post a few paintings that are up this week.

"Healthy Obsession"
This is our dog Tully, both of our dogs love to camp on our canoe lake and love to fetch anything out of the water. Tully is wire haired pointer cross, and was terrified of the water when he accidentally tried to walk on water when he was a puppy, and to his surprise, went in at about step five. It took a year to get him to try it again, and now he's officially a water dog. After he cannot convince us to throw the stick or ball any longer, he will stare down into the water and pounce on anything that moves, lights, shadows, fish, algae. The lake is very clear, and cold, and he will stay out there for hours, until he is shivering and we have to order him to stay up by camp. This is as the sun is setting, just before we called him in. Please click here to bid on this miniature painting.

Pepper Caught a Mouse
This is my sister's cat, Pepper. She has three, and they often make their way into paintings. She is a cute cat, and always looks to me like she has a bit of the devil in her, but it's just her markings. She is a also a gifted mouser, and always looks so pleased with herself when she deposits her present. I put the mouse parts back together so you, the viewer, can tell what it is!

If you would like to bid on this miniature painting, click here. (Auctions last 7 days.)

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