Sunday, September 03, 2006 update!

My web site is updated and ready to be viewed. There are a few technical issues to be resolved...just little formatting, link issues that I will work out as I see them. Please let me kow if you see anything...or if there is something you want to see that is not there. I will publish some of my older galleries in the near future.

Here is a new painting that is in my painting gallery of Winn, a dog class mate of Tully's when he was in training. Winn is a very delicate looking border collie, but she is all smarts. I may have to paint her again....I love her face.

I also have published some commissions that haven't been seen yet. I will let the page speak for itself. Have fun browsing. Tell me if you're inspired to order a dog painting of your calendar is filling up for the 2006-07 winter painting year!

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