Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ghost Dog

We came back from the Sun Valley Art Festival with this fiberglass dog for me to paint. Chamois had to sniff his butt after she attacked him on our porch.

It all started when we saw this big white dog at Ciro's restaurant in Ketchum where we had dinner saturday night. We had seen many painted dogs around town at different places but no "blanks:. I said to my husband, "I sure would like to paint one of those dogs". Evidentally it was part of a fundraiser for animal charities in the Wood River Valley.

Sunday, the next day at the fair, a woman came into my booth with a shirt that had some painted ponies on it and I asked her if she knew anything about the painted dogs around town. She said she sure did, she was one of the local shelter organizers of the event, CeLABration. I said, i sure would like to paint one, and she said, it just so happens we have one left, it's at Ciro's Restaurant and we would love to have you paint it.

So after filling the van with my art work and display, we made room for the big guy and brought him home to Oregon. It is in my studio and the dogs sniff him everytime they come in the door. Very funny. It is now waiting for it's first coat of paint!

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tribabe said...

Carrie, glad they are just sniffing it. :) Would love to see photos of your art work on your blog and you need to add links to your web site. Let me know if you need help with that!